Alex Goldfarb


Alex Goldfarb, Ph.D., was a dissident scientist who left Russia in the 1970s, joining the faculty of Columbia University. After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, he went to work for George Soros directing charitable initiatives in Russia. He befriended a maverick KGB officer named Alexander Litvinenko and helped him to flee to London via Turkey in November of 2000. Goldfarb later helped Litvinenko work on his memoirs and supported his efforts to expose the abuses of the newly ascendant FSB. On November 23 of 2006, when Litvinenko was poisoned in London by an obscure radioactive element Polonium-210, Goldfarb read out to the press his friendís last statement, in which he accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of ordering his assassination. Later he authored a book on Litvinenko, jointly with his widow Marina.

Goldfarb currently lives in New York with his wife, working on his second book.

Death of a Dissident

Russian edition
Translated by the authors and updated to 2010
Foreign Editions
It has been published in 30 countries in 24 languages
The Original US Edition
An account of life and death of a former KGB spy assassinated in London

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